City Attorney

The city attorney is appointed by the City Council to serve as the chief legal advisor to the City Council, the Mayor, all city departments, offices, and agencies. The city attorney’s office represents the city in all legal proceedings both civil and criminal (through the prosecutor’s office). 

Legal Representation

The city attorney’s office is committed to providing the highest quality legal representation possible to meet the present and future needs of the City of Rexburg in an efficient and effective manner. The office maintains an open-door policy to encourage continuous communication between city departments and their legal representation. 

On civil issues, the city attorney is responsible for providing legal services to city departments, boards, and commissions, as well as the mayor and City Council. The office is involved in all legal claims against the City of Rexburg. City departments have access to the office and the varied legal services necessary to their operations, and the city. 

The attorney represents the city in local, state, and federal courts, as well as before administrative agencies and legislative bodies. In addition to representing the city in litigation and settlement negotiations, the city attorney works with the departments in drafting ordinances, contracts, and other legal documents. 

Criminal Issues

On criminal issues the city attorney acts as the prosecuting attorney and is responsible for prosecuting misdemeanors that occur in the City of Rexburg. These crimes include violations of Idaho statutes and the Rexburg City Code

Under these laws, the prosecutor handles zoning, building safety, alcohol, nuisance, environmental, assault, theft, criminal damage, and traffic offenses. The prosecutor works with the Rexburg Police Department and other city departments to ensure the safety and welfare of Rexburg’s citizens.