Madison School District

Madison School District is the primary school district serving Rexburg and areas of Madison County. In 2013 Madison School District’s (MSD 321) enrollment was 5,127, a 20% increase since 2001. MSD 321 administers 11 schools:

In the 2014-2015 school year MSD 321 will open the Madison Professional Technical School. The new Professional Technical, a “school within a school”, will provide greater opportunities for students both vocationally and academically. Students will be able to graduate high school with an Associate Degree and be much further along for their careers

Recent Academic Achievements:

  • Madison High School named to the National AP Honor Roll (Only one of two districts in Idaho to achieve this honor).
  • Madison School District ranks in the Top Three ISAT Scoring Districts
  • Madison High School has a 98.6% graduation rate.
  • 85% of Madison High School graduating students go on to attend post-secondary education.
  • Madison School District has the highest Idaho Minority Student Test Scores (AMAO).
  • Madison School District has the highest ISAT Scores (96-97%) in South Eastern Idaho
  • Sub Group ISAT Scores 15 - 20 % higher than State Averages