What is Rexburg 101?

Rexburg 101

Have you ever wondered why a street is built in a particular way, how clean and safe water is delivered straight to your home, or the process through which the city’s budget is created? If so, then Rexburg 101 is for you.

Rexburg 101 is sponsored by the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board, and offers an in-depth look at the operations of city government. Participants are between 14 and 18 years of age. They meet and discuss local issues with the mayor and City Council members and learn about the city’s governmental structure, its budget and finances, public works, and the utility, police, and fire operations through interactive discussions with key city staff.

Course Highlights

The program is enjoyable for everyone, but should prove especially insightful for those considering to apply for the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board or service on one of the appointed boards or commissions in Rexburg. Rexburg 101 is held twice each year, in the spring and again in the fall. During the course, sessions are held one evening each week at locations around the city.

The highlight of the course is the mock City Council meeting where participants elect a mayor and City Council that will address issues facing our community. If you are someone who would like to become more knowledgeable or perhaps more involved in your community, then Rexburg 101 is for you.