Staff Information

Building and Safety

Permit Technician

Porter Wilkins

Summary of duties:
Assists contractors or homeowners in each step of the permit process, including payment of fees, submission of plans, reviews, and inspection scheduling. 

Commercial Building/Mechanical Inspector
Quinton Owens 

Summary of duties: 
Inspects and reviews all commercial building projects and plans.

Plumbing/Residential Mechanical Inspector
Don Allen

Summary of duties:
Inspects and reviews all plumbing and mechanical systems.  

Electrical/Fire Inspector

Bret Stoddard

Summary of duties:
Inspects and reviews all electrical and fire alarm systems.

Residential Building Inspector

Ted Dye 

Summary of duties:
Inspects and reviews all residential building projects.

Community Development Director

Val Christensen

Summary of duties:
Fulfills roles including: Building Official, Planning and Zoning Administrator, Rexburg Floodplain Coordinator, and Department Head for Rexburg Community Development.

Code Enforcement Officer

Natalie Powell

Summary of duties:
Addresses citizen complaints; Inspects and enforces city codes and ordinances.



Planning and Zoning

Planning and Zoning Coordinator

Elaine McFerrin

Summary of Duties:
Assists citizens with land use application process, verifies zoning, and coordinates Planning and Zoning meetings.