Workforce Dynamics

Rexburg's enviable lifestyle, with its small-town feel, superior schools, univeristy (Brigham Young University-Idaho) and variety of recreational and cultural offerings, means people want to live and work here. Rexburg's educated and creative workforce is diverse enough to satisfy both new and expanding businesses. Almost half of Rexburg's population is in the prime working age range of 25 to 64, out of a labor force of 16,186.

Rexburg's work force has several  virtues:

  • It's well-educated. The 2010 American Community Survey found that the percentages of residents with bachelor's degrees and master's degrees each surpassed the national averages.
  • It's highly and broadly skilled.
  • It's hard-working. The Western work ethic is real. Companies in the area apply that dedication and commitment as a competitive advantage every single day.
  • It's available and affordable. We have a growing and affordable work force with wages well below the national average, while under-employment rates exceed the U.S. average.