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Parking Permits

There are several different types of permits available for parking on the city streets in Rexburg. The map above provides a general idea of the different permit zones. For exact locations look for the marked signs on each street.

For ALL permit types, the entire permit must be visible at all times in the front windshield to be valid. 

Parking Permits
Parking permit are for residential and business partners with the exception of the U-Permit, explained further here. To receive one of the permits listed below, you must verify your eligibility in person at the Rexburg Police Department when you are applying for the parking permit. These permits include:

R-Permits are for Rexburg homeowners or renters within that permit zone. Single family residences are allow two free parking permits per residence with two forms of proof of residency.

  • Proof of residency includes a current billing statement, employee paycheck, driver's license, or vehicle insurance card.

O-Permits are similar to R-Permits with the same requirements, except they apply for properties that fall within a U-permit zone. This includes College Avenue and South 1st West by the Cedars.

B-Permits are for downtown business owners and their employees. The business owner or manager is responsible for obtaining this permit type. Permit cost is $100 per individual permit annually. B-Permits are valid for parking in four different parking lots:

  • The first lot is located on the west side of Center Street adjacent to the Paramount Theater, and behind Little Caesars.

  • The second lot is located behind the Madison Fire Department station on Center Street and City Hall off 1st East. The lot can be accessed from 1st East and Main Street.

  • The third lot is located on the east side of South 1st East Street across the street from City Hall.

  • The fourth lot is a small paved lot located on the corner of Center Street and Carlson Avenue. 

DR-Permits are for tenants in qualifying downtown apartments located on Main Street, Carlson Avenue, and College Avenue. One DR-Permit is free per apartment, if additional permits are needed, the cost is $40.00 per BYU-Idaho semester. An application form is required to be filled out and then a permit will be issued to that tenant. A current copy of the lease is required to verify occupancy.  Renewal requires the current lease, Driver's License, and physical DR permit.

To obtain one of the parking permits above, bring a valid driver's license and all the necessary documents to the Rexburg Police Department at 25 East Main Street.