rexburg Police activiy Summary

Shelter Contact Information

400 North 5th West
Rexburg, Idaho 83440
(Near the Nature Park)

Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
10:00 am-3:00 pm

Office Closed:
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, and US Holidays

(208) 359-3005



Animal Shelter

The City of Rexburg Animal Shelter is owned and operated as a subsidy of the Rexburg Police Department. The animal shelter aims to care and find homes for animals in the Rexburg area.

Many people look to the animal shelter as a last resort when they have tried other options to acclimate a pet into the home and been unsuccessful. We are working to change that image. Instead, we believe animal control and the shelter is a resource. We have people trained in handling animals and animal behaviors, people with the experience and references to help you and your animal. Whether you need help with obedience training to work past behavioral issues, or to help the neighbor quiet their noisy dog. The shelter is also here to help reunite lost animals with their families or find new homes for those animals where their families can no longer provide the environment needed.

Adoptable Pets
You can view our available dogs and cats currently up for adoption on Pet Finder or Adopt-A-Pet.