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The City does not read the water meters November – March, Instead an estimated read is used throughout the winter months. In May, each customer account will be reviewed and the sewer billing adjusted for the year based on your winter water usage. On your bill you receive in June your sewer rate may go up or down depending on how much water you used during the winter.

*If you are paying your Utility Bill by check,  mail your payment to:

City of Rexburg , PO Box 1177, Caldwell, ID 83606

*If you are paying your Utility Bill by debit/credit card, you must create an account in our Citizen Portal and do the following to successfully view and pay your bill online, sign up for paperless statements, and submit online service requests:

  1. Click on the link “Pay My Bill Online” to create your account

  2. You will need your Account Number and Customer Number on the remittance portion of your statement to search for your account.

  3. To link your UB account to your username, enter in your Account Number (Account ID) and Customer ID (CID) and click Search.

  4. You may then select your bill for payment, bill delivery preference (paperless billing), request change of address, and submit non-emergent service requests.

*If you pay your bills through your bank’s bill pay function, you must change your utility account number in your bank’s payee information to receive credit on your account.

*If you pay your bills through the City’s ACH Auto-pay Program and receive a $1 credit on your account, you do not need to make any changes at this time.    You may find the form Here . 

Click Here for Utility Rates

To start or stop a city service or make changes to your City service, please call (208) 372-2342 between the hours of 7:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Thursday or 7:30am - 12:30pm Fridays.

The City of Rexburg provides water, sewer, and garbage services to residents and businesses in the City of Rexburg City limits.


Water is metered and calculated in 1,000 gallon increments. The water meters are read monthly April – October. November – March the water is billed at an estimated usage. The estimated usage is based off of the previous winter’s water usage, if that history is available, or by the number of occupants in the home if no history is available. If residents find they have a water leak, we will give a credit of half of one month’s water usage after the leak has been fixed.

Backflow devices are required to be installed and tested on a regular basis on all irrigation, fire prevention, and any other cross connections.

Periodically, our technicians need to come by and check your water lines. Usually they will try to let you know that they are there. This is to help maintain the quality of service.

If you need your backflow tested, you can find a list of testers at the bottom of this page.


The sewer in the City of Rexburg is not metered. The sewer usage is based off of an average of the water usage from November – April. The sewer usage is set in May and used until the new rates are figured in April. If no history is available, the sewer rate is based off of how many occupants are in the home.


Payments may be made at City Hall, on CSS (pay my bill online button below), over the phone, or through the mail. Auto pay and paperless billing is available through CSS. For any additional questions, visit the FAQ page

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