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Utility Services

PLEASE DO NOT PUT BRANCHES OR GRASS IN YOUR RECYCLE BIN. We had 2 fires in our sanitation trucks in 2023 from grass clippings combusting.

Check the website at Garbage & Recycling to see what is allowed in your garbage and recycle bins.

Make sure that all of your trash is bagged so it will all come out when it is dumped. The driver will NOT come back to re-empty your can if it doesn’t all come out the first time.

Please do not attempt to overfill your container.  The sanitation driver is instructed to not leave the cab of the truck to handle any garbage on the ground, including that which falls while emptying the container.  To minimize garbage spilling from the container during dumping, please put loose papers in plastic bags or put them down deeper in the container.  If they are loosely placed on the top, the wind will often blow them out while dumping.  If you need your garbage to be picked up more often, please contact City Hall.  Do not fill containers beyond where the lid will not close less than 45° angle.

The City does not read the water meters November – March; instead, an estimated read is used throughout the winter months.  April was the first actual read since October. In May each customer account will be reviewed and the sewer billing adjusted for the year based off of your winter water usage. On your bill you receive in June, your sewer rate may go up or down depending on how much water you used during the winter.

Your City of Rexburg Utility Bill is available to pay online here.

Please donate to the Rexburg Utility Payment Assistance Program (RUPA) to help those in need pay their City Utility Bill. To donate, check the amount you would like to donate on the remittance portion of the Utility Bill, or if you are on auto-pay, you may indicate an amount that you would like to donate each month. Thank you for your generosity.

You can report concerns such as a pothole, street light out, graffiti, or any other concerns here, and fill out the form.

To make a change to your utilities such as a move-out/in, change in trash schedule, or placing your account on a vacancy rate please call into the utility department. 

For general information about your utility bill text UTILITIES to (208) 656-1450; for information about garbage pickup text GARBAGE to (208) 656-1450. 

Along with your utility bill statement, the City of Rexburg sends you our monthly newsletter with a message from our Mayor. Past and present newsletters can also be found on the Office of the Mayor's page.